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Like all the best things our bread takes time

The secret is in the best ingredients and our culture, both the dough culture and the many cultures that contributed to the creation of the process.

The recipe takes 72 hours, slow and patient for a nutritious simple food served fast. The flavour will stay with you

Meet our starters

"Sydney" - inherited from our baking mentor, he's 37 y.o. strong and distinct, creates beautiful, slightly tangy loaves, airy yet chewy

"San Francisco" - it's the youngest arrival to our family, straight from sunny California. She's mild and delicate, buttery and slightly tangy. 

"Kakadu Plum" - sunny and bright, she's a native. Fruity and effervescent like a glass of rose on a lazy summer afternoon

"West End" - we made it! Created in 2014 and has been adding flavour to NYC Bagel Deli bagels ever since. Quirky and nutty, remains a neighbourhood favourite.

"Warsaw" - She's a rye mother culture. Traditional European flavour. Can't make a good Reuben without it

Our range (constantly growing)

Plain sourdough                                Light Rye

Seeded Sourdough                           Dark Rye


Green and Kalamata Olive               Caramelised Onion and Cracked Pepper

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